Can I go From 14-3 to 14-2?


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Can I go From 14-3 to 14-2?

I need some advice. I'm a step or two above novic and have a question. I am remodelling my basement. I have a series of 4 wall lights that are wired on a 14-3 wire circuit. I don't know why they are as there is only one switch controlling them. Anyway, I want to move the wall lights up and I am wondering how I can extend each light up by using 14-2 wire instead of 14-3? Hopet that makes sense. Thanks!
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Maybe and probably yes. Why was 14-3 used in the first place? You have a blk, a red, a wht and a bare ground. What are the blk and red conductors being used for? Are the lights all on the same circuit? I'd check the circuit at the panel and see where the blk and red conductors are terminated. It's possible that one of them is capped off and not being used. The one switch controlling them, is it a single pole or a 3-way? Assuming the wht is the neutral and one colored conductor is the hot wire, then yes, you can switch to 14-2. If the second colored conductor is being used as a separate circuit with the wht being a common neutral, you'll have to take that into consideration in your plans to be sure you don't kill that second circuit.
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If you extend the 14/3, youíll have to use a junction box and itíll have to remain accessible. Take that into consideration also.

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