light switch/outlet problem?


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light switch/outlet problem?

first of all the wiring in my home is aluminum,in my bedrooms i don't have ceiling lights, i have a light switch that runs the wall outlet meaning when i turn light switch on the lamps turn on. my problem is i replaced all the outlets in the bedroom, now when i turn the switch on the lamps plugged in outlet dont work,but the outlets have power, i made sure the connections in the outlet are correct,i connected the 2 white wires to the silver screws and the red and black to the bronze screws and ground to green screw. why wont the switch work the outlet now?
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and the red and black to the bronze screws
Was the tab broken between the brass screws on the okd receptacles. If so did you break the tab between the brass screws?

all the wiring in my home is aluminum
Safety Question: Did you use Co-AL (Cu-Al) receptacles and antioxidant grease?

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