Good deal on panel upgrade?


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Cool Good deal on panel upgrade?

Hello all,
I recently upgraded my 100amp panel to a 200amp panel on my 1951 house. I live in culver city, california. The panel had to be moved from it's previous location (it was situated a few feet above a little three step stairs leading from the kitchen out into our driveway). Anyway, since that was going to happen, and since I needed a few more outlets inside our house, I decided to tell my electrician to add 7 more. Long story short... it looks like they did a good job but I'm wondering if I paid a good price for the job. Total for panel upgrade + 7 new outlets = $2750. They left the old panel box and was told it was being used as a junction box. Aside from the gaping holes in my stucco (which I knew they wouldn't fix) and the smaller holes inside the house, do you guys think this was a good deal? Thanks! I'm new here by the way... hope to stick around for a while.
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First, welcome to the forum. Secondly it is very hard to gauge pricing based on the words. We can't see how complex the work was nor are the labor rates consistant around the country.
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Not knowing the local labor market it's hard to say, but it sounds reasonable to me. The 100A to 200A is usually at least $1,500 by itself and you had a non-trivial amount of additional work done at the same time so your price sounds fair. Permit and connection fees vary a lot too - a $50 permit fee in my jurisdiction might be $400 in yours.
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Since Culver City is right in the LA area, if it was a licensed and bonded company, the work was permitted and inspected and the workmanship of the wiring is good....I'd say it was very reasonable.

If any of the above conditions weren't overpaid by $2750.

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