Oven and Cooktop Wiring Question


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Question Oven and Cooktop Wiring Question


Background: 70 year old house, plaster walls, balloon framing, etc. (you get the picture) in PA.

I am remodeling my kitchen. New cabinets, new appliances, new flooring, etc.

As part of the remodel, I am replacing a stand-alone stove with a cooktop and undercounter oven. Both require separate 8/3 wire and they are in a different location than the old stove so I need to run new feeds to both.

There are three base wall cabinets with the middle one containing both the cooktop and oven. According to the installation instructions, the junction box should be near the top of the left cabinet for one appliance and near the top of the right cabinet for the other. Both appliances have an armored cable pigtail.

One way to get the power to the appliances would be to run the wire through the wall into junction boxes, cut holes in the back of the base cabinets, and connect with a 90 fittings.

The only problem is that running it through the walls would be possible but a huge PIA. The bottom plate for that particular wall sits on top of a beam in the basement so running wires involves drilling diagonally through the top edge of the beam and then through the base plate. (always a little hit and miss)

It seems like coming up through the floor would be the best (easier) approach.

I want to keep everything to code so I am wondering if the following is an option and, if so, how to do it "to code."

Can I run the 8/3 NM wire to the floor under the cabinets, drill holes through the floor, drill holes in the bottom of the cabinets, and run the cable through plastic/metal conduit or flexible armor to junction boxes inside the cabinets? If so, what is the best approach? What do I put under the floor? Some sort of junction box with the 8/3 NM going in one side and the conduit/armor coming out the top, through the floor, through the cabinet bottom, and up to a junction box? Where would I mount the junction boxes in the base cabinets? The back is 1/4 fiber board. Can I mount it using toggle bolts to the back(through the back into the plaster wall) or do I mount it to the left or right side of the base cabinets. (there is enough clearance in the cabinets to do either).

Any and all information is appreciated.

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I think most people would consider running 8/3 along the inside corner of a cabinet would be considered "protected" and wouldn't specifically need conduit. That said, it wouldn't hurt to sleeve it in 1" PVC conduit. You'll still need to use a standard cable clamp at the box.

As for mounting the box, I think any of those options are okay. If possible, I'd probably mount it on the side of the cabinet where there's a bit more to screw into. If clearance doesn't allow that, then a drywall anchor is the way to go.
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Also best to get it straight from the horse!

You can ask your electrical inspector questions usually. Some have certain office hours or days for this. Take plenty of pictures of the area, then show the inspector what you want to do. See if it is ok.

They are the guys who will approve the work, so best to ask them what is allowed.

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