smoke detector wiring to alarm?


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smoke detector wiring to alarm?

My smoke detectors are hard wired on a 110v to each other. Can they be connected to my security alarm? DSC PC15555

If not can I change wiring to do so?

(I have also asked this question in the alarm section just in case I am posting in wrong section.)

Thank you.
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I think the number you provided was for your keypad not the actual alarm system. There should be an enclosure somewhere in your house that actually contains the "brains" of the alarm system. Once you locate it you can probably see if there are terminals for a fire alarm input. Chances are very good since it's a pretty common feature.
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Is your alarm wireless or hardwired?

If wired, you would need an installation and programming manual to add a fire zone if you do not already have one.

And same with wireless, except you would also need to add a wireless to wired gizmo.

Then you would need to know the electrical specifications / schematic of the smoke detectors. Then possibly add a relay between those and your alarm.
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On the control panel it says PC1555. It is a wired system. There is a connection for 4 wire smoke detectors. Not sure what my hard wired smoke detectors are.

I was also just told by a post in alarm section that I absolutely must not connect those detectors to the alarm panel but they did not say why.

My guess is that they cannot be reset from the control panel. Or maybe the relay could cause problems with the system or be hazardous since they are not actually for the system.

Not sure what to think now.
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Alarm system smoke detectors are a completely different design from stand-alone smoke detectors. They go through different testing methods and approvals. The two types are NOT interchangeable. Some companies DO make an interface module (essentially an isolating relay) that will allow an alarm panel connection from a stand-alone AC powered smoke detector. These are generally NOT UL approved devices but then single-family residential alarms are generally not installed to UL standards anyway. Using the interface module would allow the smoke detectors to activate the alarm and in my opinion would be better than no alarm function.
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Thank you everyone for your responses. Happy Holidays!

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