What type of switch do I have?????


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What type of switch do I have?????

I need to replace a bathroom switch. I thought it was a two single pole switch. (Two switches on one unit). I removed the old switch from the wall and it was wired in this manner. On the left as looking at the switch from the front the black wire (hot) is in the top screw and a white (neutral) is in the bottom screw. On the right side as looking at the switch there is a black wire (hot) on the bottom screw. The top switch controls a bathroom vent fan and bottom switch controls a bathroom heater fan.

I am not sure of what type of switch to purchase to replace this one. I put in a new switch and neither the vent nor the heater would work.

The switch that is installed currently is a leviton. The bottom switch quit working is the reason for the replacement. The vent/ heater unit is still operational.
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So, you have two switches in one unit? I call them double switches but I am not certain if that is the official name for them. They were popular back in the 70's.

Does it look similar to this?
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It looks like that yes. On the left there is not a tab to break off and on the right there is a tab that was never broke off. I think the switch is orginal to the house (1983).
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Sounds like a dual single pole switch.

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