3 wire and ceiling fan

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3 wire and ceiling fan

I have a room which has 2 outlets controlled by a switch. Only the top outlet is controlled as the bottom is always hot. Looking at the switch, it has a 3 wire and 2 wire coming into it. The 3 wire is the power source. I want to have the outlets always hot and the switch to control a ceiling fan I am installing. the 3 wire rus from the switch, up the wall, and right over where I plan to install the ceiling fan.

To keep the outlets always hot, can I just rewire them to not use the red wire? I was then going to hook the fan up to the red and white wire, and control it with the switch. Will this work? I would rather not fish wire more cable into the wall unless I have to. Thanks!
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The 3 wire is the power source.
My first thought at seeing the wiring you describe would be that the "power in" is the two conductor cable and the three conductor cable carries constant power on the black to the receptacles with switched power on the red cable. Is that what you are saying? If so, yes you can run the light off the red and white. Replace the receptacle with a new receptacle with an unbroken tab or pigtail the black to both screws.

I would rather not fish wire more cable into the wall unless I have to
You may have to use a second junction box to add length to the cable if there is no slack.

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