Leviton True Touch Dimmer Switch 6606 -- Kaput?


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Leviton True Touch Dimmer Switch 6606 -- Kaput?

I have a pair of Leviton True Touch electronic dimmer switches in a double gang box that each control a set of ceiling lights.

The one that dims a 250-watt load of 5 50-watt halogen floods has an issue.

Yesterday, while holding my finger to the switch to turn the lights on or off (I don't remember which), the halogen bulb "popped" (burned out) and the lights stayed on. Now, the switch won't do anything at all. Can't dim the lights down or up, or turn them off.

Only way to turn them off is to pull out the little air gap switch at the bottom of the touch plate.

I replaced the dead bulb, cut the power to the circuit for a while, etc. Still nothing.

Something happened when the bulb popped. Not sure what? Could it have killed the switch? A $22 switch should not be so fragile.

Thanks for any ideas.
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Could it have killed the switch?
The bulb when it blue may have created a power surge, more then enough to fry delicate electronics.
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Helpful info. The switch carries a two year warranty but I wonder if a bulb burning out on the controlled circuit is considered a "normal condition." Guess I'll find out!


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Have you considered that you may have gotten a surge that both killed the bulb and dimmer at the same time? It's certainly possible. Do you have a whole house surge protection device installed on your main service panel? One other thing on this dimmer I have never seen on a dimmer instruction sheet before is this.

Check out the instruction sheet under "Other Cautions".

6606-AE > Touch Dimmer (True Touch) > Dimmer > Residential Grade > DecoraŽ Devices > All Products from Leviton Electrical and Electronic Products

By all means, take the switch back to the dealer from whom you bought it and use the warranty.
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I have see that instruction quite few time and with the dimmers with postive shut off air gap switch they did make a stern warning to make sure you use the air gap switch to turn it off complety when you change the bulb.

I know quite few peoples did change the bulb without shutting the dimmer off in proper way ( like did not use the air gap switch or postive switch which it complety isolated it ) and change the bulb and pop the dimmer.


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