Adding a ceiling light fixture and switch in my home


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Adding a ceiling light fixture and switch in my home

I decided to add a spotlight and a switch in my hallway. I Bought a "Portfolio Spotlight" from Lowes and I want to install it at the end of the hallway to highlight a painting I have hanging at the end of the hallway. I have basic electrical knowledge, I am able to run wires,flex tubing,hook up receptacles and switches etc. But I have never added a new light or switch in existing walls and ceilings(I have only done it in open walls). I searched on google for a while and had a tough time finding a video that fits what I am trying to learn.

The light fixture is 6.3in X 6.3in X 6.89in.Where should I get the power from? what type of wiring or MC should I get?If anyone has a link to a video or information on this specific subject PLEASE HELP!

Thanks in Advance!
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Google the words...

old work electrical box

And google the word...


See this website...
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Light Fixtue and Switch

Access from under the floor such as a crawl space or basement will make this project easier.

Or access from the attic is another option.

Which is easier for you?

Also tell us where the new switch will be in relation to the new light fixture. Will both be in the same stud bay?

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