Question about 15A and 20A receptacles


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Question about 15A and 20A receptacles

Hi everyone! I just need some clarification about the usage of these receptacles. I have encountered most house electrical installation here in Juneau that in a typical living/dining rooms, the receptacles installed were the 15A and protected with a 20A circuit breaker. Are this supposed to be protected also by a 15A ciruit breaker though the wires used are 12 AWG? I understand that the dedicated 20A receptacles are all protected by a 20A circuit breaker. Any explanation will be of help.

Thank you,
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The 15 amp duplex receptales are allowed to be on 20 amp circuit but if you have the 15 amp singleplex recepectale then no it is not allowed.

Normally with 12 AWG conductors they are useally protected with 20 amp breaker however there are some situations which some circuits are very long run then 15 amp breaker will suit this purpose just fine as long you make a note this is a long run.

The reason why some case with long run you will need bigger conductors to comperised with the voltage drop when you get near full load on the circuit.

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If you have a mixed 12 and 14 gauge wire circuit (even just a short length of 14 gauge) then the maximum breaker is 15 amps.
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Thanks everyone. I think it clarifies my doubts.

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