GFCI Keeps Tripping


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GFCI Keeps Tripping

I purchase a new modular home 8 months ago. The only outlet in the bathroom is on its own breaker and it is a GFCI outlet. It trips regularly when being used by a single device (i.e. hair straightener or cell phone charger). I have replaced the outlet with a new one to make sure it was not a faulty outlet, but the new outlet continues to trip. I am open for any suggestions.

Thank you
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Try the same equipment (Dryer, charger) on a different GFCI outlet in another location (IE: the kitchen) IF it still trips on that outlet, your problem is with your equipment. IF they run fine, then take out the bathroom outlet and make 100% sure the ground wire is not touching the neutral screw or wrap the device with electrical tape.

The bathroom outlet only has 3 wires (black, white, ground) attached to it correct?
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I purchase a new modular home 8 months ago.
I wouldn't spend too much time on it myself and would rely on the manufacturer's warranty to solve and correct the problem, but it sounds a lot like you have defective equipment.
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Yeah only three wires, and when i plug them into another socket they work.

I e-mailed my contractor about this today as well, I just wanted to know if there was something else simple i could do. I will be checking the wires to make sure there is no possibility of arcing between the ground and the neutral.

Thank you
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U said this rec. Has its own brkr. Is the load side of this gfci being utilized (feeding other outlets downstream?) by what u have said it has to or your house has been built on top of an old grave yard(ghost)
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