Kitchen Circuitry Question


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Kitchen Circuitry Question

Ok, I've done some research and want to run this by you guys.

Currently, all of my over the counter kitchen receptacles, as well as 2 wall receptacles, are on the same circuit. So as I rebuild my kitchen, not only are these all on the same circuit, which is a no-no, but I would have to plug my microwave, dishwasher, and fridge into these receptacles, which wouldn't work at all.

I would love to just drop a line from my bathroom outlet (next to the kitchen and the circuit only has 3 receptacles and 2 lights on it) and run it up through the wall for a new countertop receptacle (I was going to add one more anyway) and the dishwasher and microwave. The would satisfy the "2 circuits for small appliance receptacles" rule, but wouldn't give me a dedicated 20 amp circuit for the dishwasher (there was no dishwasher in the old kitchen, which is why I am running into this problem).

So I'm thinking I'll have to add a new circuit. I have no room in my current panel, but I am thinking of adding a subpanel so I can run the dishwasher on a dedicated 20 amp circuit and then put the microwave and one new countertop receptacle on the other half of the breaker.

How does that sound?
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The small appliance 20 amp circuits cannot serve areas outside of the kitchen, dining or pantry areas. You cannot pull from the bathroom circuit either.

A subpanel sounds like the best idea. Install a circuit for the DW by itself. It cannot share the countertop circuit if it is an installed unit.
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In addition, the microwave also needs a dedicated circuit. If it were my project, the refrigerator would also get a dedicated circuit. A subpanel sounds like the solution to me too.
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Ok guys, subpanel it is. I'm sure I will have more questions as I tackle it, but for now, thank you!

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