What types of cable


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What types of cable

I will be wiring my house soon. i also want to run any media cables. I know I want HDTV and Fast internet. I guess I will run CAT35 for the internet and regul;ar cable TV wire for the TV. Any other suggestions?
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Cat 35? Maybe you mean CAT6? Or CAT5? Go 6 for now.....some differences between 5 and 6..though I think it depends on the network speed.

As to the TV...what to you mean by regular cable tv wire? Believe RG6 Quad is the standard.....
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-If it was me, i would install CAT6 and RG6 for areas I believe will need them. Note: This is not to say CAT5E is not a good cable, but it’s to assume things will progress and CAT5e will step further down (Example: Cat3). If you are on a tight budget, then go with CAT5E, and you should be ok. Just note my opinion.
-The only place you’ll need an HDMI cable is at an entertainment space. This cable will need to be rated for in wall use. Run as many as needed. If you plan to have audio/video equipment remote from your TV space (I wouldn't go over 15 feet. If you want to hide equipment, then build a space as close as possible to your entertainment center.), then you shouldn’t have a problem finding a cable long enough to reach a reasonable length.
-In a nut shell, plan plan and plan more. Also, do not count on wireless—as it is faulty at times. I have it for my TV,and the signal isn’t dependable. I can care less about all the positive hype on wireless. Wireless is great, but at times, it could be your worse enemy!!! So, if you have a TV that has the wireless feature, drop a CAT cable behind it any how—trust me.
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You may want to consider adding a conduit between the entertainment center and the TV for the component cables.

Also check out the flush mount in-wall TV boxes from Arlington. aifittings.com
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You may also want to consider running optical cables for the audio.

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