run electric to garage


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run electric to garage

Situation: i live in Ohio. I need to run power to my detached garage. I will be running underground in conduit min. 18" deep. I will be running about 100 feet of wire to a sub-panel in garage. I will be running this off of a 30 amp breaker in my house box. I will have 7 standard 120v outlets in the garage. I will have one stand alone 120v outlet to run a portable air compressor. I will have one 240v outlet to run my 240v/30 amp welder in the garage. and then i need some lights.

Questions: will the 30 amp breaker in my house box be sufficient to run my sub-panel in the garage?
what size and type of wire do i need (cheapest)?
what kind of box do i need to buy for the garage?
do i need a ground rod driven in the ground outside the garage?

as soon as the ground thaws i want to be ready to dig and install so any help from you experts would be greatly appreciated.

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AS your welder is 30 amps I would suggest a 60 amp feed using Three #6 THWN and one #10 wires. A 100 amp panel with main breaker for a sub in the garage. You will need to buy a ground bar to add to the subpanel and at least one 8' ground rod.

Explanation: Your welder would take the entire ampacity of a 30a circuit and at a 100 feet you are borderline for needing to increase wire size because of distance. The air compressor will draw double or triple it's FLA starting and the welder would already be using full circuit capacity.
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Your questions are really basic and this tells me that you do not have the knowledge to undertake this job at this time. I strongly suggest that you visit your local library and check out several books on DIY electrical work.

I also strongly suggest that you purchase the book, Wiring Simplified and read it cover-to-cover. Wiring Simplified is perhaps the best book ever published for basic electrical knowledge and is readily available from any on-line book seller or locally in most home improvement and hardware stores. It has been in continuous publication for more than fifty years with updates every few years to reflect changes in the electrical code. The cost is less than $10. You often will not find it in the books and magazine section of the home improvement mega-marts but it IS located in the electrical department.
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ray2047: Thanks for the info. I will be starting to dig today with this great weather we are having here.

Furd:.........God Bless You
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The conductors Ray mentioned would need to be 2 hots that could be black, 1 white neutral and the #10 in green.

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