Recommendation for upgrading living room lighting


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Recommendation for upgrading living room lighting


This is my first post, so hopefully I include the necessary information for you to assist. If not, please feel free to ask and I will reply quickly.

I am about to start upgrading my living room lighting. I would like to add 6 recessed lights and one nice center light. I currently use lamps only, so the room is very dark and it is starting to bother my eyes. The room is pretty large with a vaulted ceiling. The house was built in the 80s, but I hear that cheap materials were used throughout the house. I notice that I throw a breaker when I use the vacuum with other things like the TV going.

My question Should I run my new lighting off of a currently installed light switch, add a new switch or maybe look into upgrading or adding a new breaker box?

Your help is most appreciated.

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If you are tripping a breaker when run the vac, it might be better you run a new circuit for your new lighting. Replacing the panel is likely not need as you can add a sub panel fairly easily.
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Thanks. I will look into understanding running a new circuit or sub panel and come back if I have any further questions.

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Some vacs will pull up to 80% of a 15 amp circuit. Im with a Tolyn, a new circuit for the lighting seems idea. May even want to limit the load on the circuit that trips when the van is utilized.

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