Wiring levitron 7299 combo gfci


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Wiring levitron 7299 combo gfci

Hi folks;
Ran into a little problem while replacing a combo. socket/light switch. This is a single control switch and not a double throw.
Background. The premise is a building built around the early twenties. Within the last few years a older light switch\outlet was installed near a sink in the kitchen. This controlled a overhead light that is now a fan/light combo.which worked properly. Being that it is not GFI protected I thought it best to replace it.
I opened the box and found I have a pigtailed white wire to the silver terminal on the line screws and a black wire on the brass screw also on line. So far so good.
Then I find I have a reddish appearing wire on the top (line)white screw and a indeterminate color wire on the black side also on the top set.(load) When removed and tested neither has any power present. Now I know that the red may mean a traveler but it gets better.
I bought the Levitron 7299 and started to replace as per the instructions. This switch has the load screws covered in yellow tape and has two black wires at the top by the switch.

I tried as per the instructs and the outlet worked and not the light. I tried connecting as per the older outlet and blew the fuses (remember, a 1920 building!) and other combos were tried....
Short version of this is I have connected the white to the line silver screw, the black I have pigtailed to one of the wires from the top and connected to the black (brass) line screw, the other wire I connected to the red wire and all now seems to work! Here is my perplexing problem, I still have the indeterminate wire that still has no power present unconnected and all seem to work!!! Is it possible that this is returning on a unseen white to the switch? What is, if possible the safest way to see what is connected to the other end of the loose wire. Or should I connect it by pigtail to the white term?

I know it is hard to diagnose via this but any ideas to trace would be good. As of now I have the fan\light working with a socket just a extra wire(capped and taped) in the box which I have no clue as to where it goes or controls.
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Levitron t7299 wiring dilemna

Okay I have did some more searching today and what I found may help someone give me some steerage for the wiring of this combo.
I found that the reddish cloth wire also appears to go to a overhead light in a dinnette on the outside of the kitchen with the switch located on the common wall. The unkown black cloth wire also appears to go there. I lifted both these wires and the dinnette light stopped working.
So now it appears that I have the following; One MAIN power (black), One main wire (white); One red wire (now labeled white) and one black wire. The last two supply the kitchen overhead and dinnette switch.

Does the following appear right as to wiring this config. to the Leviton T7299?
Have the main;
-Black go to the LINE brass term,
-Main WHITE to the silver LINE
put the Red on the silver LOAD,
take one BLACK switch lead and connect to the load brass side the other to the BLACK wire going to the fixtures?

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Sounds like the extra black wire feeds something else. Possibly an outlet in another room.
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black to line brass = correct
main white to silver line= correct
red to black switch lead
other black switch lead to brass line also.

The two black switch leads on the device does not have power to them through the device.
So one lead goes to the brass line screw to get power. The other black lead goes to the red wire
which goes to the light.

hope that helps
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Thanks guys!

I have tried all combinations and have become convinced that this switch is not compatible with TWO loads on it. Took it out and reverted to old switch, and no problem!!!!

Thanks to ALL who responded.

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