new wiring for wall sconces


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Question new electrial wiring for wall sconces.

Help! We are trying to find a way to add electrical wiring to install two wall sconces. There is one outlet located on this wall which is the only wall dividing the kitchen and living room. The switch for this outlet is located on the entry hall wall prior to entering the living room. This wall also slopes upward with the cathedral ceiling thus no attic access is available. Without having to cut a T-shape hole in the wall to run the electrical cable from the outlet box we haven't found a way to accomplish this. If this seems to be our only option, would it be possible to list the instructions on how to do this. We are new homeowners and DIY's! My husband is an Semi-conductor engineer with lots of common sense, but I'd rather be safe than sorry! Any info you can give us would really be appriciated!!!
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Question wiring & drywall

You are right, cutting into the wall is the only solution.
Do you know how to do the wiring? Any questions about what to use? Be sure to use boxes that mount onto the studs/joists etc. Do you want a seperate switch for the wall sconces, therefore being seperately switched from the receptacle?

As for the drywall, do you intend on doing the repairs yourself? The tool you need to cut in will be a keyhole saw for drywall, a cordless drill and bits for drilling starter holes and possibly fastening the boxes in place will be needed. Keep you cuts in neat lines, try to save what you cut out. Depending on how the reapirs are done, will determine if you can reuse what you have and fix the seams.

A book about drywall instaltion for DIYs would be of great help to also assist in planing your cuts.

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You can bet that:
a) There will not be a stud beside where you want (to attach a j-box to); and,
b) There will be a stud exactly in front of where you want to attach a j-box to.

Be flexible in where your sconces are to go. i.e., One may hit a stud, but you'll have to reposition both to keep them symmetrical. Now the other one may hit a stud.

Cut your access slots to "arrive" above or below your intended destination. Now determine the j-box locations. Don't cut all the way to the j-box hole, so you can use an old-work box and it'll have some solid sheetrock to clamp to.
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Is this floor a cement slab or do you have a crawl space. If you have a crawl space just fish a wire down from the receptacle into the crawl and then drill a hole throught the bottom plate of the wall you want your scounce. Do the same for the second scounce. If you want to add a switch then just drill a hole in the wall bottom plate where you want the switch and run the power to that switch and then to the first scounce and then the socond in a loop de loop method.

Go to your electrical supply house and ask for remodle electrical boxes for receptacles. These boxes will mount through your existing drywall and is supported by your existing dry wall.

If you have a crawl and you are on the main floor above the crawl. No holes in the drywall will be needed that can be seen when installation is done.

Hope you have a crawl space.

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