Electric Gate

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Electric Gate

My gate (Elite Miracle 1) will not open or close. I replaced the fuse to the motor which was blown and she opened ok. Second attempt - nothing. Again, the motor fuse was blown.

I greased the spindle which was pretty dry, but the same thing happened again.

Any ideas what could be the issue?


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Check around the motor and be sure no moving parts have rubbed a power supply cords or control wire raw and is allowing it to short out. Check the wiriing connections inside the motor to be sure all are properly connected and the splices/terminals are insulated well....

Make sure you are putting the right size fuse back in it, sometimes we get in a hurry and grab the wrong stuff, ya know . Is it a fuse that protects the main power going in to the motor or the PCB control fuse that is blowing. If it has a PCB ( printed circuit board) controller and its fuse is blowing, I cant help you on that one, as I am solid state challenged . ..

Other than that, if the voltage reads correct for the motor and the amp draw of the motor is within the nameplate rating on the motor, and nothing is binding up, it could just be the motor windings going to ground, which means a new motor or rebuild. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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Are you putting in slow blow or fast blow fuses. A motor needs a slow blow fuse.
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Not sure Ray - it was a spare that was inside the box. Thanks for the info though - now I know what to buy.
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