Changing Outlets


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Changing Outlets


I want to change out some old outlets that consist of 3 2-prong outlets and replace them with the more standard 2 3-prong outlets They currently look like this.

Inside they look like this...

This picture isn't very clear, but it is 3 black wires connected together and then connected to the outlet, and also 2 red and 2 white wires connected together and then connected to the outlet.

In this room, there are two switches that both control the top 2 outlets of each receptacle but not the bottom one.

Any advice on how to fix this mess? Thanks a lot

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I think I can see that there is a ground in the back of the box. (bare copper wire) Please confirm this. You should also check with a meter from the black or red wire to the ground wires to make sure you get 120 volts (with the power on)

If it is a ground:
On the new outlet Wire the white to the silver screw
Break out the little tab between the two brass screws
Wire the red to the top brass screw
Wire the black to the bottom brass screw.
A bare ground or grounding pigtail to the ground wires.

If the wires are not a ground:
Then you need to install a GFCI outlet.
You will have to abandon one of the colored wires as you can not split wire a GFCI outlet.
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Is there an alum conductor also. Seems to be??

For the most part I agree with Tolyn

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