240V Single Phase 5Amps Motor


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I have a 240V small Electrical Applicance - An imported grinder that runs on a 240V / 5 Amps Single Phase motor. At my home we have 240V dryer but I checked, with a multimeter, the plug point that the dryer is connected, it has ground and two 120V points.

My question is it possible to install a plug point with 240V phase, neutral and earth points? and how? Since we do have 2 120V feed coming in to the house.

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Well, you do have 240 volts at this dryer plug, even though you just measured 120 volts from each hot to ground. Try again and measure across the two hots.

Simply run a new cable with three conductors and a ground from the panel to where you want the outlet, installing a new two-pole breaker. It's pretty easy. Match the size of the cable to the size of the breaker.
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50 hz ?

Is it a 50hz grinder? I don't know about single phase motors, but a 50hz 3 phase will run approx 20% faster at 60hz. This may or may not cause you problems.

Phil H
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Yes, it is a 50Hz Single Phase Motor. What I found is that the 60Hz supply will not hurt the motor. Hope this information is correct.
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You can use the dryer circuit to supply your grinder--is that what your asking? You will need to change the outlet.
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You will also need to change the on/off switch to a two
pole one, if it isn't already two pole.
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You can get 240 volt circuit from a double pole breaker in your panel. Then run a 14 or 12/2with ground to the area you want to run this grinder. You then install a receptacle matching the device you have. Overseas you commonly find a receptacle like your 120 volt recepatcles but general receptacles found overseas are 240 volts instead of 120 volts.

You should change the male plug on this grinder and install a 220 volt style receptacle in the wall, to protect someone from burning up a US made appliance by plugging in a 120 volt appliance to your 220 volt receptacle.

Do not connect to the dryer plug. This circuit is 30 amp rated and your appliance is 15 amp rated. Your grinder would not be protected by this too large rated dryer circuit.

Good Luck

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