Help! Random Breaker Tripping


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Help! Random Breaker Tripping

My Girlfriends home has a 20amp mini breaker that is on (I believe) a dedicated run to a separate garage. It has one stop at the back of the house to a GFCI and then runs underground to the garage which has 1 receptical and the garage door opener. It started tripping about a week ago. I changed the breaker and removed the GFCI to be sure it wasn't faulty. I left and 4 hours later it tripped again. She says she's not turning any thing on or off when it does, but she can tell because the lights dim in the house. I'm thinking it's grounding out, but I don't see where. Any suggestions?
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What wiring method is used to get power to the garage; a cable or wires in conduit? I suspect leakage current into the ground.
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My first thought was buried NM-B (Romex) instead of UF-b. Can you see writing on the cable that comes in to the garage (not cable used in the garage)? Is it white, yellow, or gray.
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If it's doing it with the new breaker as well I'd turn that circuit off until you fix the problem. In addition to being dangerous you are paying for any electricity leaking out.

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