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Sub Panel

This might sound stupid, but its worth the try to save me some money!!

I built a sub panel that is going to supply the AC-Unit.

Introduction :: I have an air conditioner out back along the side of the house about 30' from the junction box in romex and from the junction box to the sub-panel in conduit that is supplied with 10-2, now that I have a sub-panel I need 10-3 (Neutral, Ground and 2 hots).
I have an another old 10-2 cable that will reach the AC-Unit.
I have a junction box 3/4 the way to the AC-Unit, with a conduit ran back to the sub-panel!

My question is :: Can I just run the other 10-2 cable from the junction box to the AC-Unit to supply the Neutral taping it with white tape? ( I will splice the ground with the other ground ).
From the Junction box to the sub-panel, I will just pull an extra 10 wire ( white ).

So, i'll have 2 cables running to the AC-Unit, one will supply the hots/w ground and the other will supply the Neutral with ground!

Reason :: I ran the old 10-2 cable to the new sup-panel, that came from the main panel, after doing so, I realized I need a Neutral. Instead of going to the store and spending lots of money on one cable, (100' 10-3 is expensive)
I'm hoping this is legal and safe!
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So, i'll have 2 cables running to the AC-Unit, one will supply the hots/w ground and the other will supply the Neutral with ground!
No, the neutral should be within the same sheath as the 2 hot conductors. That being said, most a-c units don't need a neutral. What kind of a-c unit do you have? Do you have a brand name name model number?
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You need 10/3g. No exceptions.
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Adding a subpanel to feed the A/C does not make sense to me. Just run the dedicated line to the A/C disconnect.

Air conditioners are normally 240 volt without a neutral.
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Post deleted to avoid confusion. Copy of post archived as Sub Panel

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