x2 1500W Electric Baseboards in Parallel or?


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x2 1500W Electric Baseboards in Parallel or?


Is it ok to wire a pair of baseboards on one circuit with 12/2 in pig tail inside of a box for a total of 3 wires per nut where you'd normally have 2 wires?

Meaning I have the main feed coming from the service panel, to the stat. Then I have a baseboard on the left side feeding it's wire into the box & then the right side baseboard feeding it's wire into the box. Can I pig tail each of those two baseboard wires into the appropriate lines coming off the back of the stat where normally there'd be two wires in a nut? Or....?

And would it be wise to attach them to a GFCI breaker considering they're in the basement (more likely to have water issues than others floors)?
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Yes, you can have two 1500 watt heaters on one circuit as long as the heaters are 240 volt. This is because 3000 watts/ 240 volts = 12.5 amps while 3000 watts/ 120 volts = 25 amps.

You can wire them anyway you want. Either run two cables from the stat, one to each heater. (make sure to install a big enough box) Or run one cable to the first heater and then run another from the first heater to the 2nd heater. I would not install any boxes behind the heaters and just do your splicing inside the wiring compartment of the heater.

Heaters are not required to be GFCI protected but you may install one if you wish. Expect to spend a bundle on a 2 pole, 20 amp GFCI breaker.
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Great, thanks for the feedback Tolyn.

I'll splice the 2 wires (one from each baseboard) to the stat, with an extra deep box.

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