Sow bugs and electrical panel, Hazard?


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Sow bugs and electrical panel, Hazard?

Hi folks,

I just moved into my home at the beginning of winter. It's now spring and there seems to be a lot of sow bugs in my basement (indication of water problem I'm sure).

I have an old panel that I plan on upgrading in the near future. If these bugs gain access inside the panel can it pose a risk, if they crawl on the bus bar? I'm thinking yes, but would am looking for more information.

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Bugs can cause an issue if they form a "bridge" between two busses. However, this is a rather rare occurrence. If one bug is crawling on only one buss bar is will not cause a short.
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And a bug would be a crispy critter pretty quickly. Don't think bug ash is a good conductor.
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Welcome to the forums, bakrr.

To me, the real issue is to treat the moisture and bug problem in the basement. A bug could possibly span the contacts inside the panel, but it would literally turn to dust before it could cause any problems inside the box.

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