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Big puzzle here. The power in my house is browning out.
It seems to occur mostly when the heat kicks on.[gas]
The lights flicker but stay on. If something is running
it stays on but slows dramatically. I have tightened
all breakers.[They never kick off] My inspector was at a loss as well. I welcome any ideas short of an exorcist.
I am thankful for any help.-Steve
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Sounds like the problem is outside your house. Gotta be someplace from the panel to the pole.
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It is odd that a gas furnace would make the power in your house "brown out"? Don't rely on an inspector for good advice--call a reputable electrician--just my personal experience. Are you sure that you furnace is on a dedicated curcuit? And just because your breaker does not kick--it doesn't mean there is not an over current situation--there could be a breaker installed that is larger than the wire allows--and if there are other lights etc. running on this same curcuit--then there is your problem.
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Redneck said not to trust an electrical inspector. I would like to go further to say that I wouldn't trust anyone in the electrical industry to give me advice that hasn't already shown me proof that he has passed certified electrical test to showing that he knows what he is talking about.

I have met many electricians stating "sonny, I was wiring twenty years before you were born". That does not mean he knows electrical design. Formal schooling is a need for electricians practicing today. Your requirement for the electrician to show credentials proving he passed certified testing is your only way to know you are getting valid advice.

I have a couple of ideas may help you.

You may have a fan motor in your furnace that has bad or dry bearings in the blower of that furnace. Remember that the more resistance the more amps the motor will draw making that blower to turn. The more amps the less power going to other equipment. This could be repaired possibly by lubricating your blower and motor bearings if there is lube places on that equipment. If the bearings are seald bearing then you may have to replace the bearings.

YOur furnace may be on a circuit that has the other loads that are slowing or dimming when that furnace turns on. You could cure this by installing the furnace on a dedicated circuit.

YOu may have a main panel size not adequate to supply the required amps of your dwelling. This would require upgrading your main service panel. You would have to do a demand load calculation on this situation to know that is your problem. Just come back in and ask for help to calculate your demand load and we will provide you with questions needed to size your main service panel and calculate that demand load for you.

You may have a loose connection in the meterbase or on the line side of the meter controlled by your serving Utility Company. Call your Utility company for help on this one. They can open the meter and inspect the connections and check their connections for you.

Hope this helps

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