220 vac induction furnace


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220 vac induction furnace

I am installing an Italian-made laboratory induction furnace rated at 220 VAC 12 AMPS (Continuous) Single-phase (3- wire feed) 50/60 Hz in a residence. Power at the circuit breaker panel is 120/240 VAC Single-phase 60 Hz. One-way wiring length is approx. 25 ft. (EMT) to an emergency cutoff switch + 6 ft. (HD cable) to the furnace. I feel a 20 AMP circuit will be adequate for this appliance (66%+ protection). My question are;
[1] Do I need /should I install a transformer to step down the 240 VAC to 220 VAC?
[2] Furnace wiring is metric 3-wire braided measuring approx. .125" dia. What US wire size is recommended?

Thank you for any help you can give me!

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What US wire size is recommended?
For the run from the panel to the cutoff switch? 12 AWG for a 20A circuit.

Do I need /should I install a transformer to step down the 240 VAC to 220 VAC?
In my experience, no. Others may differ.
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220V and 240V are the same thing.

The standard nominal voltages per the NEC are:
Below are found in commercial installations:

There are more but it is unlikely that most people will come across them.

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