Wire motor for reverse operation


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Wire motor for reverse operation

I have a LEM .35hp meat grinder that did not come with reverse. It is a PITA to use and not have reverse. It is a 120v 250w motor, w 2 caps. There is no schematic on the cover, so I have no idea what which wire goes to where. I plan on using a DPDT switch to reverse it: on-off-(on or mom) switch. I have attached pictures of the motor wiring. White/black (line) come in then go into motor. White comes out of motor then to larger cap, other wire from large cap goes to red (into motor). Red comes out of motor into smaller cap, second wire to small cap is blue going into motor. The smaller cap is "floating" in the box and has push connectors, while the larger cap is screwed down and has solid connectors.

Per the name plate

Single phase induction motor
Type YYL63M-4B5
KW .25

I am assuming that it is a start/run dual cap motor (which from what I can tell should be reversible). I do not want to just blindly start swapping wires since I am really not sure what that would do (to the caps).




Thanks for any help
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Mod Note: one reply archived because of possible unsafe advice.
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Without a diagram detailing how to reverse the motor this is not a DIY project unless you have extensive motor experience. While most motors (not all) can be reversed, often it will require the opening up of the motor (major surgery) and the addition of some extra wiring. I suggest that you consult a local motor shop.
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Yes its best to just take it to a pro, pay the money, and be happy !

Yes its best to just take it to a pro, pay the money, and be happy ! Experimenting "CAN" be DANGEROUS ! It could also be that you need some fancy switch that costs more than the grinder in the first place.

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