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I am installing a new ceiling light in a vaulted ceiling. There currently isn't an existing light. There is no access from above. I want to run the wire up from a wall outlet into the ceiling joist area. Is there a good technique for fishing the wire up the wall and through the top plate into the ceiling joist area? I want to do this with the minimum of damage to the existing ceiling. I was planning on cutting a hole in the wall to drill a passage through the top plate. This still leaves a problem of fishing the wire from the wall through this passage and up to the ceiling fixture which is about 8 feet from the wall.

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This valted ceiling , I gather it is actually the roof on the outside of it (if I am explaining it correct) Am I correct or do you mean a raised ceiling with a second floor above it. Valted meaning it is like a V shape ceiling rising up from the sides to a peak, no attic above it but roof above it. Therefore if that is the case, inside the ceiling is insulation and a vapour barrier, and under such circumstances fishing a wire thru that may be tougher than an empty space, and you don't want to damage the vapour barrier and destroy the insulation. Perhaps someone else may have some insight on this ?
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If you have a soffit outside and vents in that soffit, then you might remove the vent. You should be able to see up that rafter by way of the air space required between the roof's decking and the insulation inside the rafter area.

Push a fish tape carefully up the rafter space between the roof decking and the insulation. Make sure your fish tape has a tail that bends upward so it does not dig into the insulation. When you get the fish tape to the area where you want the light box you should be able to hear it coming up by placing your ear against your ceiling. Cut you light box in and reach through the insulation, pull down the fish tape and connect you romex to the tape and pull the romex down to the soffitt area. Now when you have the romex in the soffit area you should be able to see the celitex or techtafoam or other surface area between your siding or brick and your insulated wall. TAke your fish tape and follow the drywall down to the bottom plate of the wall again making sure your fish tape has a bend toward the drywall and not the insulation. When you have the fish tape at the bottom of the wall then cut a remodle wall box through the drywall of the wall. Go into the basement and drill through you bottom plate below that j-box and fish the wire on down to the crawl area. Then drill a hole below where you want the switch and fish the wire up to that switch the same manner as before. Find a power source and you have it made without ruining you drywall but just the junction box that can be installed and a blank plate place there for a finished product.

Hope this gives you some ideas

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Thanks for the ideas about reaching the ceiling box via the soffit. I am not sure I can access the section of ceiling from the outside. Also I need to run the romex down the wall to a switch box.
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If the vaulted ceiling is also the rafters for the roof and this ceiling goes to the outside wall you should be able to do as suggested.

Good Luck

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