Bronsonb: Type Breaker 2 GfCIs


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Bronsonb: Type Breaker 2 GfCIs

I know this is an old thread, but my question is a follow on for this exact same scenario. We are installing a Jacuzzi tub with pump and heater on separate circuits, just as the original poster was. Our heater and pump are both plug in, so I can't use the dead front GFCIs.

Anyway, I wanted to put both GFCIs in one box though they are each on separate 15 amp circuits. I understand I need to tie the grounds together.

Do I need to use a 15 amp breaker that's actually two breakers tied together at the panel so that someone needs to shut off both of them rather than one of them. It's not a double pole breaker, as each circuit is its own (is the correct term "two pole breaker"?), but I guess it's a safety device to shut off all power to that box so someone doesn't accidentally shut off one circuit to work on that outlet while the other outlet is live.

Thanks for your help!

Bronson B
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I don't think you absolutely need to use a two-pole circuit breaker (I could be wrong) but it is certainly a good idea to do so. Are you certain that 15 ampere circuits are acceptable? Most jetted tubs require 20 ampere circuits for the pump and heater.
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With two circuits you will not be able to use a two pole breaker if you have two neutrals from 2 cables. If you ran a MWBC with two hots sharing the neutral you could use a two pole breaker.

You can use a dead front, neither a dead front or a regular GFI can be located under the skirt. The code now requires the protection to be easily accessible. Under the skirt does not meet this.

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