Outdoor outlet that is not weatherproof?


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Outdoor outlet that is not weatherproof?

Hi all,
I am wondering what is “to code” or suggested solutions to the following problem. I have a wireless door chime that I want to mount outside under the eaves where it won’t get wet. The door chime is a big box that is designed to plug into a standard (inside) power outlet. Can I get away with installing a standard outlet in this position? Or, since it is outside, does it need to be an outdoor outlet (even though it is protected by the eaves)? Does it need to be GFCI? Using a GFCI is not a big issue, but using an outdoor outlet presents a problem as the weatherproof cap/door means that the door chime won’t fit. Is there another option that I’m not aware of? I’m in CA, btw.
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I can't comment as to what the electrical code is in your local jurisdiction. However, I believe NEC states outdoor outlets must be protected by GFCI, installed in weatherproof electrical boxes w/ weatherproof cover. A weatherproof box w/ a "bubble cover" may work for you. Otherwise, you may have to install an even larger weatherproof enclosure, to meet proper code.

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