Circuit out


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Circuit out

Power went out to three outlets in the back of my house and the lights in that room will not turn on. I checked the circuit breaker box and they all look fine - none of the tripped. Any clues?
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Your sure this is the only panel in the house? If the breakers are not labeled then turn them off one by one until you can figure out what one may feed that room. Make sure they all feel the same when you cycle them, I have seen breakers go bad that did not look tripped. If all that does no good then the circuit is being lost somewhere else. The room could be fed from another junction box or receptacle. I would turn off power to that area of the house and start pulling receptacles to inspect the wiring.
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I checked the circuit breaker box and they all look fine
A circuit can appear to be on when it is tripped. To test whether one is tripped, try pushing it toward the on position. If the handle moves, reset it.

You can also just reset any breakers you think might have a problem. Turn them off, then back on.
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Have you looked for tripped GFCIs?
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There is a sticky post at the top of the forum with good troubleshooting ideas.

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