Does anyone know what this might go to?


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Does anyone know what this might go to?

The house was built in 1941, Portland, OR. Remodeling master bedroom which is an add-on. A pipe runs up the wall to and then out to the roof (this was all exterior at one point) to a connector that looks like where maybe the service originally went in. It is still live and I want to know what to do with it.

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Where does the cable on the left go?
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Based on the picture and the description I suspect that in order to get power to the addition it was tapped from the original service connection. The heavier wires (the original service) go to the fusebox or circuit breaker panel.

The whole thing is an accident waiting to happen and needs to be redone in a code-compliant manner.
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I hired a Guy at of the Local Union and though it was a complete circuit it is only 15 amps and we couldn't find anything connected to it. We believe it was the original feed into the house and at some point converted it and it is no longer in use. So we cut it and now have another home run we can run off...
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Thank you for the update!

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