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my sons bedroom ceiling light will come on if you turn the bulb but if you hit the switch on the wall it will not light. how can if fix that myself?
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I will asssume that the switch worked fine at the some point in the past, and no work has been done on that circuit between the time the switch worked fine and now. It appears that you are now turning the bulb in and out to turn the light off and on. I also assume that when you switch on or off , it does nothing . I also assume that everything else works fine on the same circuit. Since it is bedroom I also assume that is only 1 switch we are dealing with (no 3-way's)

The first thing that comes to mind is to replace the switch. You can prove this by...

Taking off the cover to the switch and unscrewing the switch from the box, pull it out until the connections are excessable (DO THIS WITH THE CIRCUIT BREAKER SWITCHED OFF),

The 2 wires that are attached to the switch, (could be 2 blacks, or a black and white) remove them from the switch , pull them out away from the box so they are not in contact with anything, and do do touch them together. Switch the circuit breaker back on , now with the light bulb screwed in, does the light come on ? If it doesn't , carefully take the 2 wires that were conencted to the switch and told them by the insulation (NEVER TOUCH THE BARE WIRE) and touch the bare exposed wires together , does the light come on ?
Now separate the wires and switch the circuit breaker off again.

If the light is off when the switch is not connector and the wires not touching ; and the light comes on when the 2 wires are touching . REPLACE THE SWITCH !!!

If this test comes up with different results then repost.

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