Motor won't change direction? (CW/CCW)


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Motor won't change direction? (CW/CCW)

Trying to get my dads Craftsman shaper running (Model 113239390). Long story short, he bought it from a family friend who passed away and hasn't worked since he bought it. Thought it worked when he bought it, but hasn't used it and was bought awhile back and can't remember. To try and save money, I'm trying to fix it for him but am stuck.

When I first started, the motor would just "hum" in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. Took housing off the directional switch and pieces of the switch fell out. After looking closer, looks like it was superglued back together and broke again, guessing was repaired earlier? Bought a new switch and now it spins in clockwise directions but still hums in counterclockwise direction.

Im fairly new to this and obviously don't know a lot but money is tight and have to do what I have to do. So my question is, where do I start with the direction problem? Could it be wired wrong to the back of the switch to make it go one way and not the other or should I start looking into the motor? The switch has 4 posts on the back and 4 wires (Black, Orange, Red, and White) and are hooked back up the way I found them.

May sound simple, but like I said I'm new to this and have no manual or literature on the motor (A.C. model 72034) or shaper to refer to.

Thanks for any and all help you guys can provide!
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Welcome to the forums!

I'm new to this and have no manual or literature...
Here's the owners manual for the shaper:

Owners Manual, 113239390 CRAFTSMAN PLANER

Does this look like your switch? --

Model # 113239390 - Craftsman Wood shaper - On/off power outlet 60382
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Thanks! And sorry should have explained which switch. No its not that one, that one works fine. It is the one wired directly to the side of the motor. It is just a 2 way toggle/rocker switch pictured here:

Model # 113239390 |

I believe it is a 10A 125 VAC switch and like I said before has 4 posts on the back. When I bought the replacement switch I just transferred the wires in the position they were on the old switch.
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Anyone have any ideas? Still stuck!
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My only thought was the positions on the new switch don't correspond to the positions on the old switch. If you have a motor diagram see which leads are changed to reverse the direction then using a multimeter set to ohms map out the way the switch works. Using that map hook up your leads.
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Maybe I'm just completely stupid but why would it be necessary to reverse the motor of a spindle shaper?

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