Tripped Circuit - Receptacle help


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Tripped Circuit - Receptacle help

Hi, I'm replacing the power receptacles in my kitchen and i've run into a problem. All the other receptacles have worked fine, but the last one won't turn on. The circuit trips immediately. When I replaced the old receptacle, I wired the new one in the same way. Strangely, there seem to be extra wires and I'm wondering if that is what the problem is. There is one white wire, one ground wire, 2 red wires and 2 black wires. There are photos below of how I found them wired. Any suggestions?

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Do all the receptacles you replaced have both red and black wires? If so, then you will have to pull all of them out and do what I am going to describe.

Look closely at the side of the receptacle where the red and black wires attach. Between the screws there is a little tab on the brass behind the screws. This tab needs to be broken off and removed. Also, you really need to have only one wire on a screw (which you have) and no wires pushed into the "back stab" holes as the back stab is an inferior connection. Instead you want to "pigtail" the like colors along with a short wire to the receptacle using wire nuts or in Canada marrettes. (I might have misspelled that.)

The reason for this is that in Canada all kitchen receptacles are wired with a "multi-wire branch circuit (mwbc) and without removing that little tab you have a direct short circuit on the supply wires.
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While not related to your problem it is best to not use the back stabs. They are less reliable. You should use pigtails to the screws. But first follow Furd's instructions.
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THANK YOU!! I really appreciate your help! That did the trick!
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The wires should wrap clockwise around the screws. I see at least one that is counter-clockwise.

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