Flickering lights /outlets


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Flickering lights /outlets

For several weeks off and on we have had occasional flickering lights in just one bedroom of the house. I think the power may be waxing and waning in the outlets of the room too because we also had trouble in that room with a digital clock that is plugged into wall, a few times it has gone out and come back on as if we lost the power briefly but that was the only thing that went out. Ceiling fan has slowed down and started up a couple of times also. Also to note, this room sits above our garage, a few times the garage door has stopped going down midway and had to hit the button again to get it to go. Concerned about a fire hazard, but dont want to call electrician if we don't need to. Appreciate any input
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Check the connections at the breaker box first. Then you need to open all the boxes on the circuit and check for loose connections. Tighten all screws, move any back stabbed wires to the screws, and remove all wire nuts and redo after checking for broken internal springs or corrosion (or just replace with new wire nuts).

Assumes problem is on only one circuit. If multiple circuits involved call the electric company's emergency service number and ask them to check for a problem on their side first.
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I agree with Ray!! To add—if multiple circuits are involved--it could also be a loose service entrance conductor (or feeder conductor) inside your panel.
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Good suggestions! Also, do you know if you have copper or aluminum wiring?
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loose service conductor would be something electric company handles?
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Everything looked normal to me at the breaker box, but I am a total novice. Not sure if we have copper or aluminum, house was built in the 80s. Should I call electric company before private electrician?
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Call the poco's emergency hotline. Tell them whatever you have to to get them out here.
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If this is just one circuit in the house the problem is in the panel or the connections on that circuit and would not be a power company issue. If the whole house was affected this would be a power company issue.

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