switch replacement


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switch replacement

This is an old 100amp switch from the mid 50's. it feeds a 100amp subpanel 100ft away. I'd like to replace this switch, what do I replace it with?
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That may have 100A fuses in it, but it is definitely not 100A. That looks like #6 conductors, which would be a 50A circuit. Is there a breaker or fuse upstream of that? Please say yes.
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In addition to what Matt wrote it appears that is a type S (may have additional designations) cable coming from the bottom without a proper cable clamp in place. Definitely smaller conductors in the outgoing cable so it is hugely overfused.
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I'd like to replace this switch, what do I replace it with?
Once you get your wiring issues in order, you can replace it with another 100 amp 250 volt 2 pole NEMA 1 fusible switch ....OR.... you can replace it with a 2 pole 100 amp circuit breaker in a NEMA1 enclosure. If this is the main switch in your service, you need to be sure your new switch is service entrance rated. Many jurisdictions will require the entire service be brought up to the latest code when replacing the main switch. If your service entrance wiring, meter socket and panel are all of the same vintage you should replace everything.

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