Portable Dehumidifier on Pug in timer


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Portable Dehumidifier on Pug in timer

Just want to double check on this one:
I have a dehumidifier that I would like to run in my basement on a timer so it just runs a few hours at night and not over heat the basement. The dehumidifier states 8 amps on the information sticker. The timer I picked up at home depot, which stated "heavy duty for ac's etc.", is your basic plug in dial timer. The sticker on this states it is 125 15 amp general use. Is it safe to use this kind of timer with the dehumdifier? It does have the ground. Just want to be safe as the dehumidifier is 8 amps but I am sure when the deh starts the amps are higher than that. Plus the dehumdifier wires seems pretty thick as compared to the timer, even though it states 15 amp. I dont want to overheat the wires in the timer. Thanks for the help.
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I run my dehumidifier on a plug in timer with no trouble. If your dehumidfier is drawing more than 15 amps, it needs to be used on a 20 amp circuit. The 8 amp rating should be for its max draw anyway. You are good to go.

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