AC Conditioner 1 vs 2


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AC Conditioner 1 vs 2

Hi" All!!
Ok I live in Florida and my central Air broke down last year October and I've been using a portable 14btu for the living room. On the hottest day so far my temperature has been up to 88F with the AC on full blast and at night it's down to 83F. Do you think I will get a better result using 2 5000 BTU one on opposite sides of the room? and will my Electric bill be higher or lower?
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Why not keep the 14k btu and just add a 5k on the other side of the room?
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sorry for got to mention the 14btu is my brothers and if i spoil it I would have to replace it. So i rather avoid that problem plus I'll need to get another 5000btu for my 90F bedroom where I sleep lol
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Welcome to the forums!

I would get the central A/C fixed. I would also make sure that the attic was adequately insulated and very well ventilated.

But to answer your original question: Two 5K BTU units spaced out might match the effect of the 14K BTU unit. In fact, if they are new and fairly high efficiency, they might do more (cooling) for less (billing cost).
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The unit has to be replaced $2600 and my credit won't get it lol.. I plan on get 1 5000btu for my bedroom give my brother back his then get 2 5000btu for the living room
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We have a chain appliance store here that will allow returns if the customer isn't satisfied on all ACs except 5000 BTU units. The reason being they found most customers returned the 5000 BTU ACs because they didn't meet the customers cooling expectations.

I once bought a 5000 BTU from Sears for a small bedroom. It was OK till about the hottest part of the day then it couldn't keep up but that room had only attic insulation. I do use an 8,400 BTU in a completely uninsulated 12X15 room and it does fine.

The preceding is only my personal experience, your mileage may vary.

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