SubPanel using an old dryer line


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SubPanel using an old dryer line

I recently changed from an electric clothes dryer to a gas unit. Now I have the old 220v 30amp electric line and would like to install a sub panel to supply a couple of 15amp lines to my attached garage.

I believe the dryer line is a 3 wire set up (2 hots and a Neutral). I have not taken the recepticle apart yet, but did look at the wire in the main panel. There are 4. Red and Black going to the duplex breaker, white going to the neutral buss, and a ground that seems to be cut off just after it enters the panel box.

I was planning to use the 3 wires to supply a 110v sub panel (1 hot, 1 neutral, 1 ground). But if I really have 4 wires to work with, I'd rather run a 220 sub panel.

Now for my question. Assume I do have 4 wires to work with, but the ground wire is cut off short and currently unused. Is there a way to extend the ground wire so that I can be used? It's not long enough to reach the ground/neutral buss in the main box.

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You can extend the ground using a wire nut to splice on an extension. You can do that in the main panel if there is enough left or in a J-box before the cable enters the main panel. At the other end I would place the subpanel closer to where the cable enters the garage so you can trim the cable back to where you have a ground wire.

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