End of run add-on?


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End of run add-on?

I would like to add an outlet to a basement circuit, and I want to tie it in to a switched light at the end of run. The light itself is basically a bulb wired into a junction box under the stairs, so how do I overcome the "switched" part of the equation and extend power to the new outlet when the light is switched off? Is this even possible?
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Not possible with the current wiring unless it is wired in conduit. If it is, then you just need to add a wire in the conduit.

If it is cable, you can replace the cable with a 3 wire cable (14/3 or 12/3 match the existing) from the switch to the light. However, it might be just as easy to run a separate 2 wire cable from the switch to the new outlet.

IS there just a black and white in the light box?
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Unless the light is wired with three conductor cable (white, black, red) there is no simple solution. Easiest would be to find a source of constant power for your new receptacle.
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It is 14/2 wiring in the light box, and the switch is located in a finished wall so running a new cable might be a bit of a challenge. I think there is another receptacle I might be able to tie into, so I will try and go that route. Thanks for the speedy reply and suggestions guys.

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