Condensation in an electrical outlet


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Condensation in an electrical outlet

I live in a concrete block house that is about 6 months old in Florida. Last week we had several days of heavy rains from the tropical storm. A few days after the last rains I came home to see condensation had formed on the back side of one of my electrical outlets in the kitchen. This outlet is on an outside wall. I immediately took the plate off and the small amount of condensation on the wall dried within a few minutes. As long as I leave the plate off, it's fine, but as soon as I put the plate back on the condensation forms again. I have no idea what is causing this. I've searched high and low for signs of a leak or water, but see none. I'm very scared there is some sort of water damage behind the wall and I will end up having to replace the whole wall in a brand new house. Does anyone any idea what could be going on?
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Sounds like warm humid air from outside is condensing when it infiltrates the wall and hits the cool air conditioned face plate. You probably just need to air seal the outlet. This could either be done with expanding foam (shut off breaker first) or a foam gasket behind the face plate, or both.

Here's a decent instruction sheet I found online from the city of Aspen.
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I don't know exactly how your home is constructed, but concrete block is not waterproof. It is possible that the block has become saturated from all the rain. Because it is taking so long to dry, you are seeing humid air flow from behind the outlet cover and condense on the wall.
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Some paints do a better job than others at keeping driving rain from migrating thru block. Since your house is only 6 months old - talk to your builder! He has to warrant the house for 1yr.

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