GFIC trips when sprinkler controller plugged in


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GFIC trips when sprinkler controller plugged in

GFIC trips:
Problem GFIC trips when a sprinkler controller (Rainbird) is plugged into either directly in a GFIC outlet or in another outlet controlled by a GFIC (load side). The controller appears to be the only load on both GFI circuits.
I have two GFIC’s in my Garage, it happened on both GFIC’s. Both GFIC’s are correctly wired (tested it). If I run the controller manually the GFIC’s do not trip. Someday the GFI where the controller is plugged in trips after 12 hours, sometimes after one day or two days. If the controller is unplugged the GFIC does not trip. I already replaced one of the GFICs
Is the controller the cause for the tripping? If yes do I
26.5 V (DC)
Thank you for your help.

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Is the controller the cause for the tripping?
Looks to me like an obvious "Yes" to your question.
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Just noticed that the new GFIC tripped again at no load. Consequently I can exclude the sprinkler controller as cause. Any idea why a GFIC trips without load?
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You have some leakage to ground someplace. Look for any damaged components that may be getting wet.

You might want to try a new GFCI if they are older than 10 years. They are only about $12
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I would think that the controller is a problem if it trips 2 seperate circuits. But it sounds like there is another issue at hand also if it trips with no load. Not sure about your area but down here the bathroom outlets were normally tied into the garage gfi circuit years back until the bath outlets were required to be on a seperate 20a circuit. Check all exterior outlets for any water leakage into the box or even condensation. Maybe a sprinkler shooting into a box? I've seen it. You'll have to spend some time tracing down the wiring. One thing I've done in the past is to disconnect the back 1/2 of the circuit for a couple days to see if it still trips. Good luck

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