Can't figure this out


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Can't figure this out

I have 2 laptop coolers that I want to use the fans from and make my own good working nice looking laptop cooler. The problem I am having is with the wiring. I'm assuming all the fans are 5 volt fans because they run off USB ports. 2 fans run off one port and 3 fans run off another.

Is there a way I can tie all 5 fans together to run off one USB port? OR

Is there a way I can connect all 5 fans to a cell phone charger so I don't have to run them off my laptops USB ports?

Don't want to take a chance of burning out my usb port. Someone told me I could take all 5 fans and tie the red wire ends and black wire ends together- Then tie those ends to the black and red wire ends which connect to the main USB power cable that has a switch on it. Then to solder the connections.
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I moved your question into its own thread to increase visibility
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If you tie all the fans together, use the cell phone charger or other direct connection to a power source such as a wall outlet rather than pulling through the port of your computer. USB ports provide some power for use in attachment, but are not intended to be a source of power. Burning them out is a valid concern.

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The USB standard is 500 milliamps at 5 volts. The total ma of all five fans would have to be under that (preferably no more than 450). The fan specs should be on the label.
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There is one other option you could consider... there are some cheap externally powered USB hubs out there and I know if I am using my laptop cooler, I am probably at a desk with power available. I took a self-powered usb hub and didn't even bother plugging it into my laptop, I just used it to power my cooler.

It's a lazy option compared to soldering and splicing lines together but it also doesn't tie up any computer ports either.

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