Wiring a small shed


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Question Wiring a small shed


First of all, I've been reading some threads on here for ideas on this and they have been very informative, so thank you to all the experts on here who take the time to post.

Basically, I have a 60' run from an existing pull-out box (formerly for a spa) to the shed in question. It is a dedicated circuit with nothing else on it. My problem is that is fed from a 60amp 2-pole breaker and I just don't need that kind of power.

That brings me to question #1: Is there any problem with replacing the 2 pole 60amp breaker with a pair of single-pole 20amp breakers, then leaving the unused one off for future use (I only have so much money so while I would love to do 2 runs, I would rather do a single run now)

My plan was to run 3/4" PVC electrical conduit at 18" depth using 3 #10 THWN-2 wires from that pull-out box, with another disconnect on the shed side.

This will power a couple 75w or 100w shop lights and whatever tool I am using at the time (jig saw, circular saw, table saw, drill press etc) so #10 seemed fine for a 60' run based on what I have been reading.

I thought about running uf-b 10-2 at 24" but I would rather not dig the extra and I like the idea of running in conduit.

Any thoughts, ideas or cost-saving advice would be much appreciated!

(This is in North Carolina)
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Replace the 60 amp 2-pole with a 20amp single pole. Connect only the black to the breaker. You may have to pigtail to a smaller black to fit the 20 amp breaker. Cap the red and tag with a note why it is unused.

You only need #12 for a 60' 20 amp run. At the pull out disconnect remove the black, white and green from the pull out switch and connect to the black, white, green THWN to the shed. Use a regular light switch as your first device and disconnect at the shed then run to a GFCI receptacle and all loads from that receptacle's load side. Receptacle and switch may be in the same double gang box.
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Thanks very much for the feedback.

I'm glad you mentioned using #12, because I was torn between the two and was going to error on the side of bigger.
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The receptacles in the shed will need GFI protection.

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