Repacking the projector lamp


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Repacking the projector lamp

I have a lamp for the projector BENQ MP 721 that is new, and projector BENQ PB 6100 in which the lamp is not working. Is it possible to switch from one lamp to another case (if size allows), so I was able to use the PB 6100? There is a difference in the power of 30 W lamps in favor of the MP 721 and whether such a lamp bothered PB 6100 projector? I forgot that there is a difference in the light of the lamp for the MP 721 is 2500 ANSI, and the PB 6100 is 1500 ANSI.

Thanks in advance for your response.

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The 2500/1500 is the lumens of the lamp. So I suspect there will be quite a difference in light output between a 1500 and a 2500 lamp.

(This is based on the info I found on the internet)
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The lamps come in housings that are made to fit specific models. I think you'll find that the housings aren't even close.

Lamps are designed to work with specific projectors, and there's more to it than just a lamp. The projectors have sensors & software that detect heat, calculate use life, and control the intensity. If you swap them with something that's not designed for the projector you could seriously damage the projector -- and even start a fire. (Those things run ridiculously hot!)

Always buy the correct replacement lamps for the specific model.
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Rick has a point,if the lamp that you're trying to put in doesn't fit then don't try to modify or change it.They made it so that it doesn't fit for a reason
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One other thing: Lamps have a shelf life. If you buy from someone other than a dealer or manufacturer you could be getting out-of-date stock, which can chop hundreds of hours off the use life of that expensive part.

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