no power in bathroom but circut breaker didn't trip


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Came home the other night and went to turn on the bathroom lights. Upon doing so I heard a crakling sound and then a pop. This all toke place in a mater of seconds. Now I checked the circut beaker and it didn't trip. I also check all of the outlets and the swicth. I even replaced the swith and the two outlets but I still have no power in the room. I tested the wires coming out of the circut breaker box and I had power but I don't have any in the bathroom.
Where is my problem and how do i fix it?
Thanks for the help.
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You say you know that 120 volts is coming out of the breaker. You also said you replaced all the switches and receptacles in that bathroom. You also said you heard a crackling sound. This sound was probably close to where you were standing. If you heard a hum then the lights went out you probably have a short in you circuit. If you heard a crackling sound then you most likely have a loose connection and what you heard was frying in the box closest to where you were standing.

First check for a reset on one of the receptacles on that circuit for a GFI device. Push the reset button if you find one.

If you have checked the GFI protection device situation and it is good then open up the switch or receptacle box that is close to where you were standing and look at the wire nuts or other wiring junctions for any heating or loose connections.

Good luck

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Thank you Wg

I did that and still don't have any power.
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You are going to have to use a voltage tester and back trace this circuit from the bathroom to its source in the panel. Find where the voltage stops. Then decide what the cause of the voltage stopping is.

Remember that you can lose the white wire and have voltage in the bathroom but no return path. Check voltage between the black and white from the end to the panel through all boxes until you find power between the black and white.

Hope this helps

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