Outdoor Light Issue


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Outdoor Light Issue

I have 3 outdoor lights (1 next to the front door and 2 on either sde of my garage) in which the bulbs are burning out rather quickly. I've even tries CFL bulbs that are supposed to be good for up to 7,000 hours and they burn out. My guess is there is a short or something since this seems to happen most when I turn the lights on. Is there a way I can test to prove this? And if I'm right, what then?
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My guess is there is a short or something
It would be "something" because a short would cause the breaker to trip. Check all the connections at the switch and lights. Remove any wire nuts and check for corrosion inside and that the springs inside are in good condition. At the switches if any wires are back stabbed move to the screws.
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Have you checked the amount of voltage available at the lights? Low or high voltage can cause shorter life in bulbs. Remove power to the circuits and pull the wall switches. Do they have stab back connections? If so remove them to the screw terminals. Often arcing in the stab backs can cause flickering and shorter life. Let us know and we'll run from there.
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Are these lights on a motion sensor? Are they turned on and off frequently? Bulbs not made for motion or electronic switches will have short lives. The same for turning them on and off. Cfls like to be on at least 15 minutes before turning off. And some take 3 minutes to warm up to full light capacity.
Also unless rated for outdoors the bulbs may have a short life. The cheapest ones you can buy are probably not gonna last long either. How long are they lasting?
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Excessive heat can also cause shorter than expected lamp life. Is there a maximum wattage on a label inside the fixtures? What wattage lamps are you using? Also, many CFLs are not to be used in enclosed fixtures. Is the design such that heat cannot escape? You may be looking at some new fixtures.

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