Electrical outlets not working


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Electrical outlets not working

Today I was flipping some breakers on and off trying to find the right breaker for the doorbell transformer in my attic and found out later that the outlets in my garage are not working now. They were working before because my garage door was plugged into one of them.

I have found one of the plugs is a GFCI and it will not reset. There are 3 outlets total and I have flipped all of the breakers on and back off. I can't seem to find the issue. I know which breaker it is. But it clicks in both positions fine. Please help!

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Try replacing the GFCI.

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Check for 120 volts at the GFCI. They will not reset if there is no voltage present.

If no voltage, check for voltage at the breaker or look for another GFCI up stream. Somebody may have installed one before the suspect one you are working on.

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