Door bell recommendations (what do you use)

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Door bell recommendations (what do you use)

So, I'm now looking at installing either a completely new system or one that will use some of the existing door bell buttons left by the previous owners.
Currently I have a door bell button on the front and side door (none on the back doors). The two wires from the buttons end in the basement and are attached to nothing.

What I am looking for is a simple, wired system that could allow for more then one door, and more then one indoor bell/buzzer/what ever. My only requirement is that it not be battery operated.

What would you guys suggest?
We have 4 doors in total, only really two are required, but 3-4 would be a bonus. I don't need any thing fancy.
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hard wired or wireless

From having just replaced the chime on my doorbell, I spent a few minutes by the big box selection of supplies. What I saw is that the wired systems are typically for 2 doors (front/back) and the wireless are battery operated. I believe you can have more than 2 buttons on a wireless system but I am not sure that you will get more than 2 different chimes (front/back). If you want 4 doors wired (not battery operated) with 4 unique chimes then you are probably looking at installing two separate door bell systems.

If you are looking for multiple buzzers/chimes per door, you would want to run a secondary chime from the primary one. If you are looking to have a 4 different sounds for 4 different doors, you can do that by buying 2 different chime/buzzers units or get 2 of the same that offer more than 4 or more sound options.

A wired system consists of a transformer with neutral and hot output wires (16v is typical). The wires are run to the chime. There, the hot is run to the "transformer" connection on the chime and the neutral is split and run to the front and back door bell buttons. Each button is then wired back to the corresponding connection at the chime.

Good luck
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My equipment list:
3-Angelo solenoid chimes (basement, 1st, 2nd)
1-Edwards 598 transformer, 30 VA
2-Nutone incandescent-lighted pushbuttons
16 AWG cable throughout, all home run to the transformer

The factors that determine your transformer size are how many lighted pushbuttons you have and how many chimes you have. For example three chimes and four lighted pushbuttons might be too heavy a load for a 30VA transformer. But if you don't want lighted pushbuttons and you only need one chime, you can have any number of pushbuttons as long as you don't have a half-mile long ranch house.

LED pushbuttons are very pricey.

If by "wires" in the basement you mean "conductors", that just means that your cables may be daisy-chained or home-run to the chime and you're looking at the power feed to the chime location. However if you in fact mean "cables" with two or more conductors in each jacket, you have verified continuity, and there never was a chime, I get what you're saying.

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